About the Theological Engineer

I’m a math-teacher theologian Zen-Buddhist New-Yorker.

I have studied and practiced engineering, education, theology, depth psychology, and all of the above applied to the struggle for social justice.

I call myself a “theological engineer.” I hope to take the wisdom of religious traditions and the structures of western theology, and apply these to pressing matters of human need with efficiency and creativity.

I want to talk about transcendence, reality, spiritual practice and spirituality, mindfulness, meditation, and meaning; but also education, racism, psychology, poverty, math and science, and the news. Ultimate concern is not separate from daily concern — the ultimate is found among and within the daily, right here and now.

This blog is primarily interested in:

  1. education and the work of teachers as a spiritual effort, worthy of a theological perspective,
  2. the lessons of depth psychology and the knowledge of the unconscious applied to both theology and education,
  3. the liberating power and the limits of math, science, and engineering and their worldview
  4. marginalization and oppression in its many forms — but in These United States, that will mostly mean race and class — and what education, theology, and psychology can and should do to shut it all down.

…and more. If any of those are important to you, you’re my audience. I want to hear from you.

Thanks for coming by — let’s get to it.

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